Hide Away Unsightly Wires

Add wire hiding services to your TV mounting services

Does the back of your entertainment system look like a spider web? Unsightly cables hanging from mounted TVs and bunched up on the floor and under furniture are a hassle. DTV Mounting can organize these pesky wires and make sure your setup looks clean. Our technicians will disguise the wires in your space, so it looks perfect.

Speak to our owner today about our wire hiding services.

How do we hide wires?

Adding cable management services to your TV mounting service is a great way to deal with unsightly wires. If you want your wires hidden, we can:

  • Install additional outlets to eliminate long cords
  • Use plastic strips to hide or disguise cords
  • Fasten cords to walls or furniture

Our technicians are licensed electricians who know how to hide wires safely. If you have any questions about our cable management services, please contact us today.