How To Mount Your TV: 5 Key Things to Remember

DTV Mounting Florida is here to provide you with comprehensive guidance for mounting your TV. If you're planning to elevate your viewing experience with a new TV installation, certain critical factors need to be considered. So here are our 5 things to think about before TV Mounting. 

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The initial factor to think about when setting up a TV wall mount is indeed, the placement. This consideration encompasses a wide range of aspects - from the viewing angle and exposure to sunlight, to the proximity of your related devices, and the position of the closest power outlet (trust us, the last thing you want is to complete mounting your TV only to find out that the plug can't reach the socket). Additionally, there's the question of cable management - loose, hanging cables can be quite unappealing.

Make sure you look at all possibilities or areas around your house for the perfect location for your tv mount. 


Know Your Walls

Not all walls are alike and understanding your wall type is essential for a successful TV mounting. Depending on whether your walls are drywall, plaster, brick, or concrete, the TV mounting process can differ. The risk of damaging a wall, your tv, or your entire home can depend on your knowledge on the wall, what's behind the wall, and the type of equipment you use for the job. DTV Mounting Florida uses specific tools and techniques based on the wall's nature to ensure secure mounting without damaging your home.

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Appropriate Mount Selection


While there are various kinds of mounts available in the market, choosing the correct one for your television is crucial. The last scenario you want to encounter is undertaking the task of installing your TV mount, only to realize that you'll have to remove your TV every time you need to use the ports. Or worse, discovering that during certain afternoon hours, the intense glare of the sun assaults your unsuspecting eyes.

If you anticipate the need for a rotating mount, ensure that you're aware of this prior to the installation. On the other hand, if you envision a more fixed mount, ensure that your ports are conveniently located before you start drilling into your wall. It's important to note that you will require additional assistance to lift and correctly affix your TV to the wall mount.


The Aesthetics


The aesthetic appeal of your tv mount location should not be marred by unsightly cables. Your newly mounted tv should highlight that area and give the perfect viewing experience. The whole idea of a mounting your tv is to bring a simple and clean approach with little to no clutter so factor this in to when thinking about adding a sound system, video gaming consoles, or even LED lights! Our TV Installation Services in Orlando include expert advice on cable management options. We provide you with solutions to either conceal the cables inside the wall or use cord hiders to keep them out of sight.

Optimum TV Height

The height at which your TV is mounted significantly impacts your viewing comfort. The optimal viewing height ensures you avoid any neck strain or discomfort. You want to make sure you think about all factors such as sunlight, the layout of the area where the mounted tv will go. The worst thing that can happen after you mount your tv is that you realize that it's not at the correct height for viewing. Then you'll have to call a professional. So, plan out your space to the best of your ability before tv mounting to save you both time and money. 

Though it might seem tempting to mount your TV yourself, the process can be complex and risky without the right tools or experience. At DTV Mounting Florida, we provide professional and experienced TV mounting in Orlando, guaranteeing a secure and aesthetic installation.

If you don't consider yourself adept or knowledgeable in the art of mounting TVs to drywall, there's no need to worry! Schedule a TV mounting service with DTV, and let our skilled technicians handle the procedure for you. We provide a broad range of convenient, to-your-doorstep TV installation services, available 24/7. This way, you can sit back, relax, and take pleasure in your expertly mounted TV, without any of the associated hard work.

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